Hello Earthlings!

I enjoy colours, time and changes.

I like changing things, people and above all myself.

My Longbabe makes changes in my colours trough time 🙂


(oke 🙂 that*s just my point of view)

The idea first came to me about a year ago when I fell in love with my first Longbabe.

(The one you can see in the picture)

The lady in the picture is Tim Burton*s Voodoo girl I turn into when I fall in Love! Makes sense? Right? 🙂

I keep changing things…It makes me alive!

Eternal inspiration: Tim Burton characters-stories, Love with big  “L“, Tetractyses and Tornadoes.

I*m expecting a new Longboard Baby, which is due this spring, carrying with it another change!

It will have completely different shape and most importantly it will literally be a tabula rasa 😀

As soon as It gets its true identity I will post some new photos ! 🙂





11 thoughts on “Hello Earthlings!

    • Ma Hrvoje says:

      Odem da se vratim 🙂 I ponekad volimo kontekste! I ti jebivjetriću fališ. Proljeće je tvoje vrijeme. Digni prašinu 😉

  1. Lucija^^ says:

    Dejo najdraža!

    Vidila sam mail čim si ga poslala al’ ne imadoh vremena da ti se javim.
    Samo da znaš, stavila sam te na “Brzo biranje”.

    Blogič mi je fantazija, baš se vidi da je tvoj, šaren i to sve. Sviđa mi se
    VERI MAČ… Ma, kad artist radi, ne može da ne valja!

    Volim te puno! <3<3<3<3

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