Bats Are Breathtaking!

Did you know that 2011.-2012. is the year of the Bat? 🙂
Lookie! Lookie —–>
                        * * *
It reminded me of  Tim Burton*s character that has changed my life!
Remember the animated Beetlejuice cartoon show from the 80’s? 🙂
Remember the episode in which  Neitherworld royalty Prince Vince falls in love with Lydia and asks BJ for some help in winning her heart and BJ adviced him to buy her a Bat necklace?
GOOD, that BAT necklace so strongly etched in my memory !
Since THEN I want it b.a.d.l.y.! 🙂
So I said to myself: “Guess what world?” 🙂 you’ve got me cornered again
I*m gonna  make myself  MY own BAT NECKLACE  🙂
I will proudly wear it all year! 🙂
Hope you  like it! 😀
“Bats have always been in my thoughts.
No matter where I am in the world, whenever I see a bat I feel safe,
as they are the same as I am:
a mammal, but one better, with the ability to fly.
 Man, I wish to fly like a bat.”
Maaliq Mitchell, Cairo, Egypt 

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