Do You Know What It Feels Like For a Girl? ( slide gloves for Longboarding)

It Feels Fan-Fucking-Tastic!!! 😀 😀 😀   aha 🙂

I sniffed around a bit to find how to make your own Slide gloves and I was surprised with the amount of tutorials and useful tips on that topic!

Thank you Google 🙂 ❤


                                                                 * * *

So, here we go my spooky tools 🙂

a short list of supplies:

  • Velcro
  • gloves
  • pucks (plastic cutting board)
  • glue
  • thread
  • thimble (aha! 🙂  I realize that after I already punctured my thumb with a BIGHEAD needle xD )

My biggest problem was finding the way how to attach my pucks to gloves  :/

glue was definitely not enough to hold them on.

so I found the best way (and, at the same time, the easiest to me) to attach pucks  using the industrial strength Velcro.

(Velcro provides an easy replacement of worn-out pucks and safer ride!)

🙂 since I had no saw (do you know what it feels like for a girl? 🙂 ), I decided to heat the plastic in the oven until it was soft enough to be cut with the kitchen knife 🙂 !  And I did It !!! 😀

I have my first slide gloves and what is more important I enjoyed making them Muchooo!!!

….strong inside but you don’t know it

                            good little girls they never show it…  🙂





3 thoughts on “Do You Know What It Feels Like For a Girl? ( slide gloves for Longboarding)

  1. could be the point…
    women always knew about the light in all of us but they seemed to have refused to tell men
    I always thought every “bad man” was born by a woman;-)

    nowadays u show it to us peace by peace, we only have to looooook and be pleased…..

    its like the goalkeeper of Ireland
    This ball is FOR GIVEN……

  2. hihi, do u know how it feels for a guy having a saw? 😉
    should be no prob 4 u to find a saw to sense………..
    but of course u can also heat up! 🙂

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