I Do Talk To The Clouds.

* * * 

“I’m living life, collecting the clouds,
Collecting, collecting, collecting them all! “

* * *

Carry your camera everywhere with you and 
create a collection of cloud photos !

 Get creative, transform them!

 clouds are very abstract …

… never the same… just like humans! 🙂


* My favorite *

The Formation of Kelvin-Helmholtz Clouds

When two different layers of air are moving at different speeds in the atmosphere, a wave structure will often form. The upper layers of air are moving at higher speeds and will often scoop the top of the cloud layer into these wave-like rolling structures. The clouds often form on windy days where there is a difference in densities of the air, such as in a temperature inversion.

The clouds are named for Lord Kelvin and Hermann von Helmholtz. These clouds are often good indicators of atmospheric instability and the presence of turbulence for aircraft.

* * * 

…swathe my hills in cotton 🙂 


Fluffy Hug!


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