Longboard Europe

Longboard Europe is an organisation founded in the summer of 2011 by a group of  European event organisers who felt that there was a need for a platform for more formalised communication and organisation of pan-European events.

Visit their Facebook page! Longboard Europe@Facebook


One thought on “Longboard Europe

  1. Wow this is BEAUTIFUL! I was thinking that if you wanted to check out the contest we are having over on our website. We just started a a design contest and giving away a ton of free prizes. Just thought you may want to know about what is going on with us this past month.

    The Winner will win a free longboard skateboard with their own artwork on it as well as the publicity for having made the design which will most likely be going to be printed on about 1000 longboard skateboards.

    Thanks for the great blog post.

    -Josh Richards Veloz Longboards
    veloz dh dot com home of the best longboard skateboards 🙂

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