VELOZ Design a Deck Contest

The Theme for this contest is a military / grunge theme, however you can submit whatever your style is!


The GRAND PRIZE winner in the contest will receive a brand spankin’ new complete longboard with their very own artwork on it and a cash prize of $250. Their artwork will be featured on a batch of boards that is to be determined at the end of the contest. This prize will be determined by the number of “votes” and does not necessarily have to be the “total points winner”

1st Place

First place will receive their choice of any 1 of our boards as a complete deck with trucks, wheels, bearings and grip. If you are #1 in points, and win the GRAND PRIZE for your art then you are disqualified to win this prize. In the event that the person who submitted the art that received the GRAND PRIZE qualifies as a winner of this prize, the prize will go to the next person who is on top in points. The GRAND PRIZE winner does not qualify for this prize.

2nd-10th Place

2nd-10th place will receive a set of Dot Bomb Wheels!

There will also be 1 random winner in a drawing who will win a complete board of their choice !

Submit Art or Vote for your Favorite 🙂

Good Luck! 🙂


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