My Soul is Heavy Laden…

. . . with its fruits.



“GNARTLY is original Online Art Exhibition that LGC Indonesia is hosting  to  show  the artwork from local and international artists who have a common passion : skating !

Skaters & Longboarders, girls and boys alike are welcome to include  their works in this online exhibit where the main theme is Skating and the lifestyle that accompanies it, as our loyalty in the skate living.”


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Click and  find visual arts that challenge your creative side and inspire you!

      … and Deli?  !!

     There she is ! 🙂

       lo.okie, lo.okie  !




Delysid & Quik16!

Wondering what this IS?

D&Q16 is a relatively new Facebook friendship that has spawned a wonderful collaboration!


Quik16 – Croatian street artist who has recently started making T-shirts with his own,

catchy graphics!


(((I like it-like it!!  Rihanna, F&%# off :D)))


You want some of these?

As soon as we met in the wilderness of the internet, we knew that the product of  our story

must be … FUN! 🙂

sooo,  we decided to join forces and put my LB road sign on his new Tshirt collection 🙂

The results are Here!!

More info and Ordering    HERE     sniff!! sniff!!

Street Life <3

Summer+Longboard                                                                                                                                                                + New Stickers

+Double Rainbow*

+ This Song ▼


thanks God for Replay! 🙂

    .. there’s always love for sale   …    ♫